Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Madeon Mashup with Novation Launchpad

I first heard of Madeon after one of my partners at the EasyLove Music Blog featured some of his work in a post, I was Immediately taken back by what I can only call extremely enjoyable house music.  Madeon must take cues from fellow Frenchmen Daft Punk because their styles are remarkably similar. That is, Daft Punk & Madeon both seem to invoke similar emotions, for me at least.  Madeon has managed to add his own flair however and it is no doubt the key ingredient that has helped launch him into the spotlight.  He's currently the undisputed champion of young guns in the dance music world and the video that you're about to see below will only add to his credibility within this ever changing scene.  Madeon's Pop Culture mashup video already has over a million views on youtube and it's steadily climbing the hit ladder towards two million.  The video is a single shot of Madeon jamming out to 39 separate samples using his Novation Launchpad and Zero MkII to control and organize the madness.  The end result is a spectacular dance music mashup that must be seen and heard to be believed.  Enjoy! Thanks for reading & happy geeking!

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