Sunday, October 17, 2010

4midiLoop a Fader Fox Design DJ Controller

I haven't done any posts on German MIDI controller manufacturer Fader Fox yet but, if you know me, you know... I love FaderFox! Quality MIDI control, something that's a rarity in the audio industry. You've got Livid Instruments & FaderFox doing honorable work in the MIDI world, beyond that you have to get very boutique or DIY to give yourself reliable controls capable of MIDI.

Even though it seems bleak for you MIDI guys it's not all darkness. in 2009 when Traktor Pro was introduced a DJ by the name of DJ Mole switched from his timecode vinyls to a custom MIDI controller he built with the help of FaderFox. The popularity of this unit was quickly picked up on by the YouTube masses and DJ Mole saw an opportunity to create a product. Thus, Glanzmann Digital DJ Solutions was born. They set to work creating a new fully functional DJ Controller they could sell to the public. Glanzmann Solutions joined forces with FaderFox and together the two companies set out to build the finest DJ MIDI Controller ever created. Fader Fox has made a name for itself by creating rough & tough portable MIDI Controllers for DJ's & Producers. They've dubbed their controllers the MicroModule line and that's exactly what they are. Everything they make is professionally designed and built in Germany for customers demanding precise and tactile MIDI control.

Now that we know a bit more about Glanzmann Digital & FaderFox we can take a closer look at their collaboration for the digital DJ world. The 4midiLoop is a completely functional and customizable MIDI controller specifically designed for Traktor Pro. It features 4 sections complete with everything you need to control each of Traktor Pro's 4 tracks. Each section features its own: EQ, Transport, FX, Seek/Scratch, Looping & Cue sections all designed to work with Traktor Pro. I haven't seen a controller with as much control over a program as the 4midiLoop has. Sure, some can control everything that the 4midiLoop can but... they can't do it without hitting some sort of "shift" button. Every single thing you need to control your DJ set is right in front of your face with the 4midiLoop. No need to worry about switches or shift buttons, if you need to control it, you can quickly access it on the 4midiLoop. The 4midiLoop features 47 knobs, 5 Faders, 152 LED's & 166 Buttons plus, the whole thing is USB bus powered. You don't have to be worried about being rough with this beast, it's designed for the road as all FaderFox products are.

Give the 4midiLoop a look, the price is a bit steep considering it has no interface but all in all I feel it's a pretty fair mark. Would I buy it over the Xone DX? That's debatable but, it certainly wouldn't be an easy decision. Hopefully I can get my hands on one of these for a review, until then be sure to check out the 4midiLoop & FaderFox websites for more information regarding this truly savage DJ controller.

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