Monday, October 18, 2010

Rodec MX2200 Professional Performance Mixer

Pioneer...  It's fantastic gear for DJ's.  But, is it the best?  If you ask the guys at Guitar Center they will tell you it is, while their standing in front of the massive Pioneer display.  Fact is, it probably isn't.  Yeah all the pro's use it but it's not the only gear the pro's use.  Professional DJ's & Performers use gear from Allen & Heath, Korg, & even Dennon (sometimes).  Have you ever heard of a Rodec Mixer?  I hadn't heard of them until just a couple months ago, I came across their EFX unit while doing some digging for new ways for DJ's & Performers to make their show one of a kind.

Rodec products are all designed and manufactured in Belgium, and they've been doing it this way since 1954!  Their MX2200 DJ Mixer is one of their newest products from their Progressive Line and I must say that it might just be the ultimate analog DJ mixer out there.  The MX2200 is a 6 channel 12 1/2" professional analog DJ mixer.  All of Rodec's products have been made famous due to their ultra high quality studio ready analog sound.  Nothing sounds like a Rodec... Period.  Now that we've got the "amazing sound" aspect covered we can move on to the specifications of the Rodec MX2200.  The MX2200 features 5 multiple input channels which can handle; balanced XLR inputs, Phono inputs, & 2 stereo RCA inputs.  Channels 1 & 5 also include a digital S/PDIF input as well as an option for a USB audio I/O signal from your computer.  Each of the 5 input channels feature a mic pre with gain adjustment, Pan, EQ, Crossfader routing, PFL Solo for cues & an analog fader for level control.  The 6th input channel doesn't feature RCA or digital inputs but, it does have the same balanced microphone input with pre, gain settings, and PFL functions as the other 5 channels.

There's one more feature to each channel that's a world exclusive, and that's Rodec's FX wet/dry selection potentiometer. (potentiometer= geek speak for knob)  The Rodec doesn't feature an on board FX section, instead they have two FX inserts on the rear of the unit for connection to outboard FX units.  IE: Korg's Kaoss Pad, Rodec's Restyler, Kalediloop.  With the Rodec mixer you have dual wet/dry control over both effects units for each individual channel.  Do you understand how cool that is?  Forget standard and tired Pioneer DJ EFX everyone's heard, you can use a Rodec with two EFX units to create totally original and unique EFX for your sets.  You could even hook a computer up to one of these FX inserts and use EFX plug-ins as one of your inserts on the Rodec.  Then imagine a Kaoss Pad on the other insert.  You could then be rocking a set whilst using the Kaoss Pad EFX blended with any number of EFX from your computer to create truly insane sounds.

Rodec build their mixers in a modular fashion and you can even make changes to the mixer to suit your style.  You can add USB audio I/O to the mixer or Digital Faders (I'm not sure if the digital faders can send midi info though)  Looking at this modular concept it's no wonder they didn't add an EFX unit to their Progressive Line of DJ Mixers.  Rodec has definietly taken the "build your own" setup idea to heart.

The MX2200 has multiple outputs for performance and tracking in the studio.  Their is one standard balanced XLR output, and then a second balanced XLR output with an EQ that allows you to control the high and low end of your master channel. (great for adjusting your overall sound to meet the acoustic specifications of where ever you're playing.) The master channel features Rodec's exclusive dual wet/dry EFX control.  For live recording the mixer features 3 RCA & 2 digital S/PDIF outputs.

The bottom line is... Rodec Mixers are built like tanks in Belgium (not china) with quality materials by passionate craftsmen.  They have a reputation of sound that can't really be rivaled in the DJ Mixer world and their products allow the end user to get something that will suit their needs perfectly regardless of how insane their current setup might be.  I hope this has been a decent introduction into the world of Rodec DJ & Sound products.  Maybe one of you looking into some Pioneer of Allen & Heath gear might give Rodec a look.  I highly doubt you'll be displeased.

I had a hell of a time finding a video of the MX2200 but, I did find one of Rodec's Restyler analog EFX units.  Be sure to give Rodec's Website a look so you can check out all of their products!

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