Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If You Don't Know, Now You Know... Black Lion Audio 003R Modification

There's no doubt there is quite a price gap between Pro Tools LE & Pro Tools HD. There's also no doubt you have access to far greater sonic potential using HD but, affording a true Pro Tools HD TDM based system can be quite costly. While Pro Tools LE doesn't have TDM capabilities it is still quite capable of recording, mixing down & mastering a professional sounding album if you have the right tools. That's where the Black Lion Audio 003R Mod comes in. This blog is for my bedroom audio geeks, the people in their rooms grinding hard... Black Lion Audio modded the 003R for all you so you don't have to spend 10 grand on an HD System... Get yourself a modded 003R from Black Lion Audio and the world will have absolutely no idea you don't have some big bad mean and nasty HD system sitting in your room. I could spend a few paragraphs documenting posts from GearSlutz and Info from Black Lion or I could just copy and paste this statement from Matt Newport the owner of Black Lion Audio.

"We have a customer in Milwaukee that did some tracking for a major label R&B release. The label paired him with a multi-million dollar facility in Reno, Nevada to handle mix-down. When the mix-down studio guys heard the tracks, they were so impressed that they asked our customer about his recording setup. He told them what he was using but they refused to believe him. The owner of the studio actually flew to Milwaukee just to see our customer's setup: one of our Signature Series 003R's and two of our Auteur preamps. He was furious when he saw it, because he said it sounded as good as his million dollar system yet it cost so much less. I think that says a lot about not only the state of our industry, but also about what we're doing as a company. The large amount of expense required to operate a large facility like that is becoming less and less feasible."

I think that pretty much sums up the reason why I started this blog all in one short paragraph from someone who has no idea this place even exists. Major studios can't afford to keep their doors open anymore. Especially, when it's evident YOU or I with a little practice, training & some Black Lion gear can scare the living crap out of a guy who owns a multi-million dollar studio. You can have the same sound the pro's do all from the comfort of your home and in the end, not subject your productions to the ideals of someone else who pays a lot of money for you to have that same sound in a professional studio. If you record anything, anything at all into your Pro Tools LE setup (or any native DAW for that matter) there is no doubt in my mind that a Modded 003R from Black Lion Audio has to be your next purchase. Mine will be, this is no joke and I can't wait! Imagine recording your analog synths into Pro Tools and actually getting a nice digital audio representation of it. That would be nice. (day dreaming....) I haven't heard of an m-box or a standard 003 doing that yet. Fact is the digi hardware is crap... even the HD stuff... (I just said that) Let Black Lion Audio give your work the sonic touch you thought was a $100,000,000 record contract away! Be sure to read all of the 003R upgrade page at Black Lion, they do a fantastic job of explaining all the stock elements of the 003R and how they improve them. It's a good learning experience for those not familiar with a 003R as well as an excellent promotional tool for their fantastic product. Support companies like Black Lion Audio, companies that genuinely care about their product and their customers!

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