Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Future of Music Production??? Feeltune's Rhizome

So there isn't much info on the Rhizome yet, I just saw it in Sound on Sound and thought I would at least write up a little bit on it and include some links for you guys to check it out and salivate over.  So... What is this crazy looking beast you're drooling over? Well... it's a computer, it's a controller, and it's also a groove machine.  The Rhizome features a built in computer with a specially designed version of the Windows XP operating system and plenty of hardware to run any vst's you might want to throw at it.  There is actually 3 models to choose from, each one more or less powerful than the other.  The Rhizome features 3 screens which can be used to view parameters regarding any number of things that you'd like to control with the Rhizome including all their native software.  An external monitor can also be connected when you need some more screen real estate to run 3rd party VST's.  The Rhizome has it's own audio interface with two inputs and eight outputs.  On board software includes a 64 channel, 8 bus digital mixer.  Each channel has a built in EQ & Compressor and can also host up to 3 VST's.  The Rhizome sports two built in samplers; One is your typical drum sampler and the other is a more advanced customizable sampler for creating sounds more your own.  The plug-ins are too numerous to mention but are worth checking out at their website.  More info on this machine will surely be available once the unit starts shipping to users in October.  Keep your eyes peeled for the release of Feeltune's Rhizome.

Here's the official video featuring the Rhizome from Feeltune:


  1. NICK! This is pretttty crazy machine! This is Sam Land by the way, I've never seen your blog I'll have to start reading :) I'm just starting to learn running signals through a NEVE board at SF State. Hope all is well with you my friend!

  2. Yeah it's basically the ish. Been a while btw, hope all is well. Have fun on the Neve, they're the best! I just mastered an album on a Neve V3 it turned out beautifully! Thanks for reading!