Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Livid Instrument Ohm64 & Native Instrument's Traktor Pro. Together at last!

It's no secret I kind of love Traktor Pro. Maybe it's just my unhealthy obsession with the gate effect. Whatever it is, it doesn't really matter, Traktor Pro is the best computer DJ software out there. Eat your heart out Serato (Pitch n' Time is real cool though) It's also no secret I have a thing for Livid Instruments and what they've created over in Texas. Livid designed a custom .tks file for Traktor Pro that's specifically designed to work with their beautifully designed and built Ohm64. Livid's midi map has control over all 4 decks and parameters inside of Traktor Pro. While this is still just a beta release of the .tks, the video below makes it pretty clear that the Ohm64 tears up Traktor Pro with ease. If you own Traktor and were looking for a unique and rugged way to get hands on with it check out Livid's Ohm64! Below is a video showing in detail this marriage of madness between NI's Traktor & the Ohm64 from the guys over at Livid.

Traktor Pro and Livid Ohm64 from Livid Instruments on Vimeo.
This video explains the MIDI mapping scheme developed for Native Instruments Traktor Pro DJ Software. This provides complete control over Traktor's features, including Browser navigation, loops, cues, sync, bpm, preview and headphone cue, mixing, effects, and EQ. Here's some more info:

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