Friday, August 26, 2011

Elysia's Niveau Free Filter

The German audio processing powerhouse Elysia has released a free filter plug-in for the world to go wild on. The Niveau Filter from Elysia comes from Elysia's Mpressor's EQ/filter section. Niveau is essentially dumb proof; providing two knobs for frequency selection, and tweaking to taste. 

It works like this...  First you select the frequency you'd like as your center point for the filters.  For frequencies over 2,200Hz use the "Freq x10" button to multiple the frequency selection knob's corresponding frequencies by a factor of 10.  Next, turn the EQ gain pot clockwise to increase low frequencies whilst simultaneously boosting the high end.  If you turn the EQ gain knob counter-clockwise the effect will be just the opposite.

As you can see from the above curves, Niveau's boosts and cuts are smooth and equal throughout the spectrum.  Just choose the center frequency and adjust the EQ gain knob for you preferred balance of low end and treble.  It really is that simple.  Elysia describes it as working like a balance scale, I find this to be a great way of putting what it does into the simplest of terms.  I can't really think of any easier way to say it as a matter of fact.  If you're still confused as to how it does what it does just download Niveau and put it to work!  When a traditional high and low pass aren't enough and a parametric EQ is too much just reach for the Niveau, you'll be surprised what this little thing can do. Oh yeah... IT'S FREE!!!

Niveau can be downloaded for free from Elysia's website.  Thanks for reading and happy geeking!

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