Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DMG Audio Updates EQuality

DMG Audio has released a new updated version of their now well revered EQuality digital EQ plug-in. The first version was fantastic, a bit of a cpu hog depending on settings but none the less a fantastically transparent and well balanced EQ. When working with dance music which usually has every last bit of sonic life squeezed out of it an EQ that can make clear and precise gain adjustments is more than welcomed. I use EQuality on nearly every track I master and have no plans of getting rid of it anytime soon. DMG has also updated their compressor plug-in by the name of Compassion. I haven't put Compassion through its paces yet but if it's anything like EQuality I'm sure to be in for a treat. Below you'll find a rundown of the changes made to version 1.15 of EQuality and version 1.04 of Compassion. As always, thanks for reading and happy geeking!

Changes made to Ver. 1.15 of DMG Audio's EQuality:
-CPU Usage Improvements.
-Added ProTools metering support.
-Fix M/S / bypass latency for non-8k IR length.
-Added analyzer outlined/filled/both pref.

Changes made to ver. 1.04 of DMG Audio's Compassion:
-Fixed OSX 10.4 support.
-Fixed crash in wavelab.
-Fix AU resize.
-Fix bug whereby LP-split settings were not recalled correctly.
-Enable RTAS Automation.
-Dezipper control changes.
-Added menu to allow tabbing between advanced pages (click page-name).
-Fixed Opto-mod HPF frequency.
-Added ProTools metering support.

If you're not familiar with DMG or their plug-ins check them out at their website.

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  1. This EQuality update is 1.15, not v1.5


  2. My mistake, correction made. Thank you for pointing that out to me.