Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The TapeLake

This is way too cool to not share with all of you.  I won't give anything away by writing about it. Just watch it, words won't do it justice any how. You can think about how badly you want it afterwards.

The comment below got me thinking and I decided I should add another video of the Uokahd (TapeLake) in action with all of its strange sonic glory on display for you to hear, and see.

More about the man behind Uokahd can be found at

All the best,



  1. You hear the actual piece for like 2 seconds. LAME

  2. I too wish there was more to be heard in this video. The artist has a video up on his page @ if you want to check it out, it shows the creation in action. Just look for the Uokahd link.