Thursday, March 24, 2011

SoundToys Devil-Loc Free Saturation Plug-in

The word "free" is undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing words ever concocted so it's no wonder SoundToys caught everyone's attention by putting the word free next to the word plug-in.  Now that we've gotten over that bit of marketing 101 we can move onto to the audio which is likely why you're all here anyways.  SoundToys is currently offering a free release of their latest plug-in darkly dubbed the Devil-loc.  SoundToys has given it the catchy pseudonym; "Audio Level Destroyer" while it is catchy, it's definitely not a gambit.  Devil-loc is every bit of an Audio Level Destroyer and while I must admit I'm a fan of subtle coloration, this sonically aggressive freebie has won me over.  Devil-loc was inspired by Shure's late 60's Level-Loc mic limiter which has since been made famous the world over by countless audio engineers looking for that extra bit of in your face grit for their mixes. 

Devil-loc really couldn't be any simpler to use as there are only 2 controls; "Crush" & "Crunch"  "Crush" controls the amount of input signal into the unit.  The harder you drive the "Crush" control, the more your signal will be compressed by the modeled gain reduction circuit.  The original unit was known for it's heavy pumping action and the plug-in is no different.  If you really crank Devil-loc's "Crush" control the resulting saturation will leave your signal with more than enough of the dance music driving pumping action certain types of compression create.

Devil-loc's "Crunch" control refers to the unit's makeup gain.  "Crunch" is essentially driving the modeled output amplifier stage and this is where you can add those famously filthy artifacts of distortion and grit to your signal.  To sum up the plug-in's controls for the CliffsNotes; Crush= Compression & Crunch= Distortion.

Devil-loc is absolutely insane on drum groups and that's putting it lightly.  I auditioned it with a few snippets of drum recordings and I was more than impressed especially considering Devil-loc is currently being offered for free.  As I said earlier I'm a subtle coloration type of guy, Devil-loc might not be the most subtle but it does have quite a bit of character.  I don't know about you but... In a new world full of "Music Producers" a little bit of distorted character might be exactly what your sound needs to set it apart from the rest!

Devil-loc is only available for free until March 31st so get your hands on it while you can by following this link: For more info on the rest of the SoundToy's line of plug-ins be sure to visit their website or check them out on Facebook.

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