Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Craig Williams Production Tutorial Videos

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So you're a producer?  You've got lot's of great ideas in your head and your ability to play and create music has become a passion but these DAW things and this idea of mixing, sampling and synthesis on a computer are going way over your head.  Worry not, there is a solution...  Learn by doing, and you can work along with a seasoned producer and audio engineer by the name of Craig Williams.  Craig has recently released a set of free you tube video tutorials that cover the various parts of one of his bootleg remixes featuring The Prodigy's Voodoo People.
Craig has broken down the massive and daunting production process into a series of videos featuring everything from sampling and arrangement to synthesis and FX plus a whole lot more.  In my opinion I find this style of learning to be the quickest and most effective way for most people attempting to tackle the learning curve of DAW music production. You have the opportunity to see and hear a professional production in its entirety and then break it down piece by piece with the creator as he guides you through the process of its creation.  Below you'll find Craig's first video of the series in which you get a chance to hear the remix featured in the videos and a rundown of everything that will be covered throughout.

Craig is a highly accomplished producer with numerous beatport releases, his approach to production is a honed skill that he's developed after years of training.  The free tutorials he's released give you an inside and in depth look at what it takes to create a song worthy of a label's release.  I won't do much more explaining on the subject, Craig does a better job anyways.  Have a look at the video below and then head over to Craig's site @ to check out the other 6 videos in the series under the "Production Tips" tab.  These really are incredible learning tools and perfect for both the experienced producer searching for a few tips all the way down to the novice just entering the world of computer based music production.  Beyond the videos his site is chalked full of his productions both remixes and originals, he recently released an amazingly soothing remix of Lady Gaga's Born This Way.  Check it out, there's a free download of it if you like his facebook page too.  Enjoy learning my friends and thanks as always for reading!

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