Friday, November 5, 2010

Pro Tools 9 Uprgade from LE Today!

Sorry posts have been a bit delayed, I've been way too busy with freelance work & my other project (  Back in the blog game now though & I'm off to AES 129 in San Francisco tomorrow so I'll keep this one short & sweet.  Without further ado I give you: Pro Tools 9...

Avid has just released Pro Tools 9!!! I'll let you all absorb that for a minute. Essentially, Avid has finally removed the hardware restriction from their Pro Tools LE & M Powered versions. (iLok still requred) Pro Tools 9 can be run with any audio interface! (or without one) While this will be most advantageous for producers using Pro Tools to compose tracks on the run, I'm sure mixing engineers will be more than pleased with some of the new features included in Pro Tools 9. Here's a quick rundown of what's been changed from LE & M Powered.

-Automatic Delay Compensation:
If your a mixing engineer and you use outboard gear to process certain tracks within your mix you know how important ADC is. With Pro Tools LE you used to have to check the amount of delay a plug-in introduced & then make the proper time adjustment using Avid's delay compensation plug-in. No more of this time wasting garbage, Pro Tools 9 finally features Automatic Delay Compensation.

-Multi-Track Beat Detective now Standard: Pro Tools LE had a beat detective option but you needed to own the Production Pack to unlock the multi-track collection mode. It's now a standard option with Pro Tools 9.

-EuCon Support: EuCon is an ethernet based communication protocol from Euphonix. Euphonix Artists Series controllers (MC Mix & MC Control) use this communication protocol, up until now you had to control Pro Tools with HUI. No more though Pro Tools 9 features EuCon support just like Logic.

-New Variable Stereo Pan Depths: According to avid this allows the user to have greater spacial control over mixes with upgraded analog style precision & accuracy.

-7.1 Surround Panning: This is a big one folks, 7.1 surround control now available in a native form from avid. Add this to the fact that Pro Tools 9 now supports OMF & AAF file types and one can clearly see they are taking aim at Apple's Logic Studio.

-Standard MP3 Export: With Pro Tools LE you needed to upgrade to the Music Production Pack to export MP3's. (Ridiculous) They've finally made it standard with Pro Tools 9.

-More Audio Tracks Available: Pro Tools 9 supports up to 96 simultaneous audio tracks, this was only possible with LE through the installation of Avid's Music Production Bundle.

This is just a few of the features bundled with Pro Tools 9. Be sure to check out Avid's Website for all the info you can handle regarding the release of Pro Tools 9. Bottom line... Avid pretty much addressed everything Pro Tools LE users complained about and removed all the BS restrictions & required upgrades. I was seriously contemplating making the switch to Reaper.  However, with the relase of Pro Tools 9 I think I'll be staying with Avid and my beloved Pro Tools!

Quick Note: LE Users can Uprgade for $249.00 & M Powered Users can Upgrade for $349.00



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