Monday, October 11, 2010

Thermionic Culture All Valve Professional Audio Products

What sounds better than digital gear?  Analog gear... What kind of analog gear sounds the best?  TUBE analog gear!  All valve (tube) equipment actually process 100% of the incoming signal, Class B (tubes are Class A) forms of equipment only process 50% of the incoming signal.  Not to say this is a bad thing, it's just that tubes do in fact sound better than solid state gear.  They just add that pleasant harmonic touch to everything they process, no plug-in will EVER be able to replicate vacuum tube's effect on audio.  Tubes bring the life and harmonics from a piece of material that would've been otherwise dull and unappealing.  I can't explain it in a way that will make sense without typing 4,000 words though, you just have to hear tubes action for yourself to understand why they're so much better.

Since there isn't a lot of manufactures left who make all tube gear some things have happened to the industry.  First: Gear that's 100% all valve has gotten fairly expensive. Second: Everyone knows tubes sound better, so...  Companies will throw a crumby tube in their equipment to process the basic tone but still leave the power amp as a class B design.  This is just flat out misleading.  Don't buy tube gear from companies who don't specialize in all tube designs.  Thermionic Culture doesn't sacrifice quality to cut the bottom line & fool the consumer, they make amazing sounding gear for the masses who want professional sounding productions!

The man who started Thermionic Culture; Vic Keary, built his first studio's in the 50's and has been in the audio world ever since.  In the 50's you couldn't just buy a bunch of commercially available gear you actually had to "build" a studio, with your hands and brain.  Vic Keary is an audio legend and the company he's created will surely become a page in the book of professional audio companies.

I could spend a bunch of time explaining all of the products Thermionic Culture offers the public but that would be quite a lengthy article.  Instead I'll just give you a run down of the basic idea behind the company and then you'll be able to take that info with you when you visit Thermionic Culture's website to check out their gear!  Thermionic Culture is a professional audio equipment designer and manufacturer from England.  Everything they build is constructed by hand (if this isn't fantastic I don't know what is)  Thermionic Culture's gear can be found in some of the best professional studio's in the world.  People that know audio know tubes sound better, people that know tubes sound better know Thermionic Culture is the business when it comes to sweetening sounds.  Thermionic Culture has 16 different models of all valve based gear in the form of Pre-amps, Compressors, Summing Mixers & EQ's.  I am quite interested in their Phoenix Mastering Compressor and can't wait till I have enough cheese to afford one.  Thermionic Culture's company motto is: 100% Full Fat Audio Content.  Why give your productions and projects anything less than 100%?  Check out Thermionic Culture's Website and do some digging for yourself, you'll understand why this in indeed one of the most respected professional audio companies out there! 

Check out this video from Sound on Sound featuring Kevin Walker from Thermionic Culture to learn more about their flagship product The Culture Vulture!


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