Thursday, October 7, 2010

Benchmark Audio Masters From Their Day

Here's an episode from Benchmark Audio's Masters From Their Day Webisode Series.  This is the second episode and I chose it because I think this is by the most appealing and beautiful song featured thus far in the series.  The quick little 10 minute videos show you what happens in a recording session from beginning to end.  It's a great in depth look into what actually goes down in a studio to capture the sounds that eventually create an entire song.  If you've never seen how a recording session works I can't recommend this video series to you enough.  You'll see how passionate these engineers and artists are about capturing the perfect sound.  The studio featured is the world famous Pie Studios in Glenn Cove, NY and the band that's in the video is Annie and the Beekeepers.  The song is called "In the Water" and you can download it for free from the Masters From Their Day Website.  While you're over there make sure you check out the other 2 videos as well!  Enjoy!


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