Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PreSonus FaderPort

The PreSonus FaderPort is a high quality USB DAW controller that is by no means new to the market. The only reason I'm writing about it in fact is because, I just found out about it and plan on purchasing one for myself. For $129.00 you can have a touch sensitive ALPS motorized fader (these same faders are in Digidesign's D-Control) and a host of transport controls for your DAW. There really isn't anything of this quality that does this available on the market at this price. For $199.99 you can have Frontier Design's AlphaTrack. The AlphaTrack has a lot more control of your DAW but, to me the fader seems sloppy and the buttons really harsh. Not to mention, it's honestly ugly as sin. Before it seems like I'm bashing this product into the ground you should know that The AlphaTrack is a really practical controller with some pretty cool features that might work perfectly for you, so be sure to check it out. I personally just wasn't a fan of the way it felt and, feel for me is really important. I haven't used the FaderPort before but, I know the fader in it well, and I'm really excited that I can make that feel a part of my home-setup. The control and precision of high quality long throw faders in production and mixing is something you have to use to believe. If you're currently only using a mouse and keyboard to mix, record and, automate your tracks, this will speed up your work flow tremendously. No more drawing automation, you can actually write it. I honestly can't believe I just found out about this but, I'm glad I did because it is certainly going to be my next purchase. Below are some links to various articles and reviews on the FaderPort from the manufacturer and third party reviewers.

PreSonus Website
Sound on Sound's Article on the FaderPort
Sonicstate.com's Review of the FaderPort

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