Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free SSL Compressor!

Nothing sounds quite like a Solid State Logic console, period. I've had the pleasure of working with their AWS 900 console and I really must say that nothing even comes close. I might even argue that I like the SSL sound better than that of Mr. Rupert Neve's. (this probably just made some old school engineer cringe) Nonetheless SSL has crafted quite the sound. Solid State Logic has become a legendary brand in the audio industry and despite the high cost of most of their equipment you too can have a little piece of SSL in your productions. How? Simple, SSL makes a few plugins available on their website for FREE!

This free plugin is a model of SSL's "E" series from the late 1970's. The actual LMC-1 compressor was used to heavily compress the signal coming from musicians in the sound booth so the engineer and them could communicate during the recording session. Leave it to some engineer to figure out that the insane compression of this listen-mic compressor sounded fantastic on drums. The engineer had the desk re-wired so he could send signal to and from this listen-mic compressor. Thus, the legend of the "E" Series Listen-Mic Compressor was born.

You don't have much control with this plugin over compression as your used to with normal compressors. Remember this wasn't originally designed to be used with music. The attack and release curves are set, and the only control you have is with a "less-more" control which I'm assuming adjusts the threshold and ratio values of compression. However control, isn't really the point with this plugin. Every plugin is different and is created to address specific tasks in your productions or mix. The advantage of this plugin may not be control, but it certainly has it's own character and feel, unique to SSL. Plus, did I mention it was FREE!!!

Follow the link below to go to SSL's website and download the LMC-1 as well as a couple other plug-ins they offer for free.
SSL's Free Plug-Ins

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