Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sound System 101 For Beginners

Curious about live sound?  Check out this video from 5MinLife!  It's not the most visually appealing video you've ever seen but it's full of knowledge pertaining to a live sound system.  Even if you're not into live sound, this video can teach quite a bit about an audio system in general.  They go over nearly every part of an audio system and sum it all up in a basic yet still very informative way.  Topics in the video include, but are not limited to; Mixing Consoles, Amplifiers, Speakers, Subs, Monitors, Cables Microphones, Time-Based EFX, Crossovers, DI Boxes, EQ's, Compressors and more!  This basic sound reinforcement knowledge is beyond important if your serious about getting involved with audio as a producer, DJ, or engineer.  I wish they would've spent time on general signal flow but, you can't always get everything you want.  Regardless, this is still a fantastic video to help beginners wrap their heads around what can seem to be a very daunting subject.  It's not, I promise, just check out the video and after it you'll know quite a bit more about what's going on inside of that big booth that sits in the middle of every concert you've ever been to!

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