Friday, July 22, 2011

Kenton MIDI USB Host

Kenton a manufacturer of MIDI equipment from the UK has recently introduced a device which will change the way musicians interface their MIDI equipment with the rest of their gear.  The MIDI USB Host from Kenton allows for the interfacing of standard 5-pin DIN MIDI connection devices with USB MIDI devices. For example; one could directly connect their USB MIDI keyboard to another 5-pin MIDI Device like an old Mackie Control or anything else that doesn't use MIDI thru USB. The MIDI USB Host features a USB Port and both MIDI In & MIDI Out sockets. The MIDI data that's received at the MIDI In port would be sent to the USB port for transfer to your DAW while the MIDI data that's received at the USB port will be sent to the MIDI Out socket. Kenton's MIDI USB Host also has the capabillity to send USB buss power through to your USB MIDI Devices that are connected to the unit. For more information on Kenton and the USB MIDI Host visit Kenton's Website. Thanks for reading & happy geeking!

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