Friday, February 25, 2011

Ear Training Software Plugin

The elusive art of audio frequency recognition is something every audiophile in training knows they must master regardless of how daunting this task may seem.  You'd think that there would be an easy & efficient way to train your ears.  The fact is, until now, there hasn't been.  Golden Ears was more than an annoyance with the CD's & workbook, it just doesn't fit with the technological times we find ourselves in today.  Gone are the days of listening to countless tones on audio CD while back checking your results in an answer book.  Say hello to the new digital reality of ear training, Tune is a free VST ear training plug-in for use with PC's.  Sorry to my Apple friends, it seems Tune isn't available for all of us. However, that's no reason to not let all of our PC friends enjoy the greatness that is this training tool.

Tune is a fully interactive EQ based ear training software plug-in complete with instant feedback to help you understand the mistakes you're making whilst simultaneously teaching you to correct them.  Let's assume you're working in Tune and you make a mistake.  Not only will Tune let you know you've made the mistake, it will work with you till you get it right.  Another massive advantage to Tune is that you can use it with whatever source material you'd like.  That means you can train your ears with the songs or sounds you love and listen to on a daily basis.  Tune will automatically boost various frequency bands and ask you to choose which band were boosted.  As I stated before, if you select the wrong frequency Tune will notify you of this error and then work with you on that specific band till you've got it down.  Scope the video on Tune below to see how it works.  Oh yeah... IT'S FREE!!!

Tune can be downloaded for free from the earPlugins website.  Big ups to Flemming over at earPlugins for designing this fantastic training tool.  Check it out, your music & ears will thank you later.  If you're looking for an ear training tool for use with your Mac give Auricula a look.

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  1. I like this plugin,I wish someone do something like that with compressıon