Sunday, November 14, 2010

World Exclusive! The All New Blue Spark: Cardiod Solid-State Condenser Microphone

Here's a world exclusive look at the all new project studio perfect Condenser Microphone from Blue Microphones they've dubbed the Spark. I was at West LA Music's Recording expo when I got a look at what the Blue Rep said was the only Spark currently available in the world. Revel in it my friends, this is after all my first World Exclusive/Sneak Peak featured @ ZeSoundSuite.

Blue's all new Spark is a cardioid solid-state condenser microphone featuring a custom capsule with the typical flare & build quality you're used to from Blue. The Spark features all Class A discrete electronics, the high-end components used in Blue's products facilitate the Spark's uncolored, detailed response that's perfect for use on just about anything you can record in your project studio.  There's no doubt the Spark would be right at home capturing just about anything natural; vocals, acoustic guitars, drums, brass, woodwinds, pianos can all be accurately transduced by the Spark.

A very useful and proprietary feature to the Spark is Blue's Focus Control.  Focus Control is essentially two separate roll off filters set by Blue for easy control via a button on the rear of the microphone. If you're using normal mode (dis-engaged) the Spark's has a much deeper low end response for capturing impact heavy yet still defined and natural material.  IE: Snare Drum, Trumpet, etc.  The Spark's "Focus Mode" (engaged) rolls off low & high end frequencies to provide even more clarity and detail to whatever it is your recording.  Focus mode would be ideal for recording vocals in your home. Furthermore, focus mode would be a great feature to engage on a pair of Sparks being utilized as over heads when tracking drums. If you had two you could use both on practically anything; one with focus mode engaged and one without, after tracking you could blend the two recordings for a beautifully balanced representation of real world sounds.

There isn't much detail from 3rd party sources as to how the Spark sounds yet because it's not yet available to the public.  However, I feel like this is a great microphone for those of you looking to enter the project studio tracking world.  Blue is a trusted brand with a legendary reputation. They produce everything from desktop USB microphones perfect for podcasts to world class microphones used in the worlds top recording studios.  Give the Spark at look at Blue's website. The Spark can be pre-ordered now for $199.99 from any authorized Blue dealer.




  1. i have this microphone, but the shock mount isnt big like that, did you have to buy that sep?

  2. The picture of that Spark setup is actually from a trade show before the microphone was released. The Blue representative had it and I snapped a picture of it when he told me it was the only complete Spark kit in existence at the moment. The Spark that was released by Blue for sale to the public comes with a different shock mount.