Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dj TechTools Handbuilt MIDI Fighter

Buttons, Good... MIDI Buttons, better... Arcade Style MIDI Buttons, INSANE! is a blog/resource/store for DJ's based around the equipment, techniques & tricks of the Digital DJ world.  Fear not producers, they haven't forgot about you.  Case & Point: The MIDI Fighter.   This piece was originally sold out but, as of October 1st, 2010 is now taking orders for this beast once again.

The MIDI Fighter is a hand built, completely customizable MIDI Controller for use with any software that accepts MIDI messages.  The MIDI Fighter features a high quality sturdy frame sporting 16 spring loaded durable & smooth Japanese Sanwa Arcade Buttons & blue LED's.  If you've ever used any type of spring loaded controller button you know how absolutely epic they are for bouncing between cue points, loops and firing samples.  Allen & Heath's Xone DX features 4 tiny spring loaded buttons for memory cues and this was hands down my favorite feature of the controller.  I'm getting all turned on thinking about 16 massive spring loaded buttons to jam on.  The MIDI Fighter isn't some cheap crumby standard MIDI Controller, quite the contrary in fact.

Each one of these controllers is completely hand built and unique from the acrylic base plate up.  DJ TechTool's store allows you to customize your controller in real time on the web and see exactly how it will look before your purchase it.  They can build your controller for you, for an extra $15.00 (a very fair shake I must say, props) or you can have it shipped to you in pieces and you can build it yourself.  No need to worry about soldering either, none is required with their DIY MIDI Fighter kits.  Don't forget that since these are built DIY style in pieces your MIDI Fighter is also completely customizable and ready for an upgrade anytime you feel the urge.  The main board comes with an extra 8 inputs. (4 Analog, 4 Digital)  This means you can add your own controls aside from the Sanwa Buttons (IE: Faders, Knobs, Ribbons etc) thus turning your MIDI Fighter into a truly one of a kind machine.  If you're still skeptical about the whole DIY idea, don't be.  DJ Tech Tools put together a great video to help you out and guide you through the process step by step.  I feel like I could show my 8 year old niece this video, give her the pieces and she could build it.  Plus, think how much better you'll feel about your controller knowing you built it yourself.  That's worth the DIY time right there not to mention you save 15 bucks.

Worried about mapping this controller to your software? You worry to much... no need to trip has taken care of that for you too.  At their site they have mappings available for Traktor Pro & Serato Scratch.  Mapping in Ableton is beyond easy and it's also a program that's used in such a variety of ways by each user it's obvious they don't have a map for it.  I know three people who use digital lighting software to control their DMX capable stage lights, I have to say that I think the MIDI Fighter might be the perfect option for those lighting guys looking for a durable controller to orchestrate their light shows with too.

Lets re-cap this thing really quick.  Hand Built, High Performance/Quality, DIY Option, Customizable, Upgradable, Supported, Versatile MIDI Controller.  It also has quite the community of passionate and dedicated digital geeks standing behind it to ensure you're never left in the dark if you have questions regarding the MIDI Fighter.  What are you waiting for? Go buy one! Even I must admit that I had given up on spending money on DJ/Production equipment so I could save up for more engineering based analog gear but I think I'll be breaking that little pact with myself to grab one of these before they're sold out again.  For more information regarding the MIDI Fighter check out the video below and visit



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