Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ableton Live Quick Tip from Nick's Tutorials Ableton Automation Tutorial

If you guys remember I did a post on Nick and his Ableton tutorial's site aptly named back in March.  His tutorials aren't your average run of the mill tutorials, all of them (even the free ones) do a fantastic job of digging deeply into Ableton Live and getting down to the nitty girtty, covering areas of the program other tutorial makers often neglect. All of his tutorials avoid useless info and when you hit play on any of Nick's videos you're off and learning within 10 seconds. This one isn't quite as in depth as some of the other videos he's made but it's still incredibly important. Automation has the ability to transform a lifeless track into a track with; varying dynamics, structure, and stereo spread if it's used correctly. In this quick tutorial from Nick on Ableton Automation, Nick goes over; Drawing, Recording, & Editing Automation.  As with all of Nick's Tutorials this one gets right down to the "need to know" info right off the bat.  This is certainly on the basic side of his tutorials but I'm willing to bet even you Ableton Savages might learn something new, he goes over lots of shortcuts that can save everyone a lot of time when working with automation.  Check out the automation tutorial from Nick right here and be sure to visit his homepage at to investigate everything else this Ableton Guru has to offer!



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