Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ableton and Serato Have Finally Released The Bridge

We've all heard the rumors and seen the epic Rane Mixer but it's hard to be stoked on something until it's really here and in front of your face. Well my friends, The Bridge is finally here! Ableton and Serato got together to smash up the best of both worlds when it comes to live electronic music performance, and I must say, I think they've hit the mark.

The Bridge was released on Septemeber 22nd and is available for Ableton Suite & Live users. Since it's so new to the market a lot of infromation isn't available yet but will surely trickle onto the net as more users put The Bridge to work. In order to use The Bridge you need to have Ableton Live/Suite 8.2 or above and Serato Scratch Live 2.1.1 or above. Support for Serato's Itch is also in the works and will no doubt be available here in the near future.

Essentially The Bridge gives your Ableton productions DJ Turntable style control with Serato and your CDJ's. You can drag clips from Ableton into a deck inside of Serato and have all of the typical "DJ" tools and tricks at your disposal for your Ableton clips.  Looping on the fly efficiently and EQing two tracks at once is nearly impossible with Ableton so The Bridge will be a much needed god send for those old school DJ's who now use Ableton to perform.  Basically, if you can do it in Serato you can now do it with Ableton and if you can do it in Ableton you can now do it with Serato.  I hope that makes sense if not think of it like this...  The Ableton Session View now lives inside of Serato.  You can also record you Serato mix sets directly into Ableton. With this feature you can use plug-ins available in Ableton to tweak and perfect your recorded live DJ mixes.  The programs accomplish their respective tasks seamlessly together and unlike ReWire it doesn't matter which program you open first. You don't need an interface either, Ableton and Serato have perfected the routing so that all the audio is being routed inside of the box. And yes all your Ableton Midi Hardware will also work with the Bridge. An APC 40 ripping Ableton clips to shreads next to a set of CDJ's mashing up bangers... if that doesn't stimulate creativity I don't know what can.

Scope this video to learn more about The Bridge and for even more info on The Bridge be sure to visit Ableton's site.  They have done a fantastic job introducing the world to the The Bride and you can even try the demo for free!  After all, actually using the software and putting it to work with your personal work flow is the best way to learn.

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