Tuesday, August 2, 2011

High-Fidelity Ear Plugs from Ear Peace

Your ears are ringing like crazy from a night spent underneath some line arrays and you wonder... "Why do I keep doing this to myself?"  There has to be a way for you to enjoy a live performance and your hearing afterwards. Right?  Up until now, there really hasn't been.  You had two options if you wanted to rock out to live music and still maintain healthy hearing afterwards.  Your first and most common option is to buy a set of cheap ear plugs from your local drug store.  Problem with those is that they make the show sound like the band is playing inside of a padded room.  The second option, and more professional route was to purchase musicians earplugs.  These ear plugs are specially molded to your ear canal and provide hearing protection while keeping the attenuation linear across the frequency spectrum.  These are what most performers and engineers use during gigs as they allow the person wearing them to hear the music as it sounds naturally minus a few dB's. However, these earplugs are expensive and require a trip to the doctor to obtain.  So, the cheap ear plugs make concerts lifeless and the good ear plugs cost an arm and a leg.  What to do???

Get some Ear Peace! Ear Peace hearing protection has been designed with your active nightlife in mind, they're tough and re-usable, plus they're nearly invisible!  All hearing protection attenuates sounds but, it's how that attenuation occurs that makes these ear plugs special.  These ear plugs work by providing a consistent attenuation of dB's throughout the frequency range.  The high end won't be missing when you pop these in, Ear Peace plugs have been designed to keep the music enjoyable regardless of how loud it might be in the venue.  Ear Peace hearing protection allows you to enjoy the full frequency spectrum as it sounds without protection just at a lower dB level.  The number of people around the world suffering from hearing loss is on the rise, there's no reason why you should become another statistic just because you love live music.  That ringing you hear in your ears after a concert is just one way of your body telling you that you're doing damage to it.  One night can cause permanent hearing damage, remember this next time you decide to not wear ear plugs.  The show can still be enjoyed with Ear Peace protection and they don't cost $150 for a pair.  In fact, they only cost $12.95. A pack of musically unfriendly ear plugs costs half that, might as well go for the gold and get some Ear Peace.

Ear Peace hearing protection comes in three different colors to best match your skin tone and they've been designed to be nearly unnoticeable.  They won't cramp your style at the trendy night clubs, I promise.  Plus, if you're blaming your lack of social interaction on ear plugs you probably have some other issues to deal with.  More information of Ear Peace Hearing Protection can be found at their website.  As always, thanks for reading and happy geeking.



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