Sunday, July 10, 2011

Portico II Stereo Buss Processor

Get excited!  Rupert's legendary touch is again returning to the stereo bus.  Since, I'm sure most of you are already salivating I'll cut to the chase. The Portico II Stereo Buss Processor is the second and newest addition to the Rupert Neve Design's Portico II line, and as of right now it is still un-available for sale to the public.  With the unit arriving at dealers at the end of August the industry is already a buzz.  I figured I'd share the news with those who may not know about it yet while also catering to my new friends who have stumbled across my site in their quest for more info on the latest bit of stereo buss glory from Rupert Neve.

Some might call the Portico II Stereo Buss Processor the long lost big brother of the Portico II Channel.  No one will argue that they're cut from the same cloth.  It's clear after even a quick overview of the Stereo Buss Processor that it and the Portico II Channel have quite a few things in common.  Assuming they're the same would be foolish and each obviously maintains their own unique uses and versatile characteristics perfected for musicality in the classic Neve way.  There are however traces of the Portico II channel and other hints of RND's products worked into the signal's journey through the Stereo Buss Processor.  Take for example the "Silk Circuit" and the Stereo Field Editor to name just a couple.  With a pedigree like that I have a feeling this box will be magic to even the most seasoned of ears.

If you read ZeSoundSuite often you know I don't keep the posts short and sweet, but for this, I'm going to make an exception.  Simply because the video that follows will satisfy every question you might happen to have regarding the basics behind this beast.  Plus, since it is still unreleased most of the industry chatter is fairly unfounded as most people haven't even yet had the chance to use the box.  Till that time comes this video and the audio clips from Rupert Neve Design's SoundCloud will have to do. They've got a few high quality samples available for prospective buyers and the rest of us audio nerds.  Check out the audio clips from RND's Portico II Stereo Buss Processor here, and be sure to enjoy the video below from Rupert Neve Design's engineer William Hutchison.  While you're at it, you might as well add Rupert Neve Design's on facebook to stay up to speed on their latest products. Thanks for reading and happy geeking. :)

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