Sunday, September 26, 2010

Abbey Road's Mastering Engineers & Their EMI TG12410 Mastering Console

Be sure to check out this video featuring the mastering engineers of Abbey Road Studios.  They also spend quite a bit of time showing you and explaining their EMI TG12410 Mastering Console.  The console from the video was developed at Abbey Road studios quite some time ago for EMI and is still in use there today.  You couldn't even buy one of these, it was developed in house for use in EMI studios only.  This video is a great opportunity to get a close up inside view at one of the most famous studios in the world and the unique classic gear their mastering engineers use.  After you see the video and pick your jaw up off the floor check out the series of Abbey Road Plug-ins for your DAW.  That's what I just said... Pick you jaw back up off the floor again.  And yes they have a plug-in modeled after their legendary EMI TG Desk specific to the mastering process.

PS: If you're stupid rich, Abbey Road Studios is currently for sale by EMI.

Abbey Road Studios
Abbey Road Plug-ins
Article from Mercenary Audio featuring EMI's TG Desks

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